Facebook & Microsoft Office Team Up For E-Mail Attachments

With Facebook’s new messaging service announcement, comes news of a new relationship. It looks like Mark Zuckerberg has ‘friended’ Microsoft.

As the Facebook ‘non-email’ rolls out over the next few months, Microsoft’s Office Web Apps will enable users to access Word, Excel and PowerPoint docs inside the Facebook browser …

Conan Stands By His Web Audience With Online Streaming

Without his myriad of Web followers, there might not be another Conan show on air.

As word of Conan’s expulsion from his short-term gig as host of NBC’s The Tonight Show hit the Internet, fans held vigil via social media as Team Coco marched to the metaphorical courthouse steps of NBC by way of Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. The …

Digital Graveyards: What Happens To Your Twitter Account When You Die?

In the future, we will invariably die two deaths: The first will be physical (Hospitals, loved ones, tombstones). The second, and potentially more noticeable death will be digital (Facebook memorializing, stagnant Twitter accounts, lost passwords). Just recently, Twitter established a policy to handle accounts after the death of a user. …

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