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Disney Strikes a Video Deal with YouTube

Can’t beat ’em? Join them. Disney and YouTube have reportedly struck a deal that helps both companies gain better traction in the online market.

The two companies have agreed to spend a combined $10-15 million producing an original video series that will be distributed on a co-branded channel on Disney and YouTube. Disney, who will be …

Netflix Renames DVD Delivery Service ‘Qwikster’

Netflix is splitting up its two products – DVD delivery and streaming – into two separate sites. You’ll be able to continue to log into Netflix to access streaming, but a new site called Qwikster will handle all the physical media stuff from now on. Aside from renaming its DVD service, Andy Rendich will step in as CEO to head the …

Irene Breezes Through Boston: A 24-Hour Time Lapse Video

By the time Hurricane Irene reached Boston, she was but a mere tropical storm. Her reputation as the most ruthless destructress the East Coast would see in decades had been overblown. She whipped through Boston more like a college freshman the first weekend she’d been away from her overprotective parents: Some trees were uprooted, some …

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