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Angry Birds Gets Spoofed as a Big Screen Flick

Well, that’s what the Angry Birds movie would probably look like if it’s directed by Michael Bay. Only because, um, the Rooster Teeth video spoof is actually directed by Michael Bay.

Besides, given how I’m bombarded by Angry Birds advertisements even just sitting on the bus, it’s only a matter of time before Rovio cashes in. Then, …

Robbed Victim Posts Video of Laptop Thief Dancing Online

Is this a victory dance? After being identified as a thief, and having this embarrassing video posted online, I think not.

Fortunately, Mark Bao, an 18-year-old student at Bentley University in Massachusetts, knows his way around a computer. When his MacBook Air was stolen, he discovered he could still access several his hard drive …

Image Stabilization Comes to YouTube

The ubiquity of video recording on handheld devices lets everyone capture whatever’s happening in their lives, whether it’s a bridal shower, theme park visit or an awesome soccer game. (Or perhaps all three simultaneously.) Of course, this boom in DIY video has also sparked a boom in nausea-making, overly-jittery hand-held clips on …

U.S. Military Blocks Websites to Focus on Japan Efforts

The U.S. military personnel will be getting a dose on what it feels like to be in China, but not for entirely the same reasons. They’ve blocked 13 websites, including YouTube, to free up bandwidth for the Japan recovery effort.

The sites most proven to suck up bandwidth have been excluded from staff, and not because of their …

Google Buys Video Tech Company, Plans YouTube Upgrade

Google has purchased Green Parrot, an Irish video technology company whose software can do amazing things with moving pictures.

Just take a look at the example video above to see what we mean. The shaky, juddering original footage is smoothed out into something much more pleasant to watch. And that’s just one of Green Parrot’s …

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