The Smokeless Cig!

Finally, at long last, an electronic cigarette. Unclear if it’s still carcinogenic for the user, but the website contends that there’s no second-hand danger to innocent bystanders. Also, dig the blue “gem” that glows at the cig’s tip.

Windows 7? I’m Not Through Hating Vista Yet!

There appears to be some kind of pan-industry collusion going on in the tech world, whereby nothing interesting can happen, ever. MacWorld was pretty ho-hum, and Ballmer’s keynote at CES last night was mighty drab as well. (A true technology journalist would have written that it “failed to excite.”) The only thing that stuck with me is …

Top MacWorld 2009 Expo Rumors

New iPod Shuffle to weigh 6 pounds and only hold one song – but it is a really, really great song.

Pixar’s new movie: “Bill Gates, The Boy Who Showers With His Bathing Suit On”

Apple has purchased Infocom, and is getting back into text-based, interactive fiction. New “even-textier” versions of Zork to be released in 2011.

Leaked Microsoft E-Mails: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

It’s just what I wanted! How did they know?

Seriously, are you guys following the trail of de-cloaked internal Microsoft e-mails that’s coming out of this class-action lawsuit over the whole Vista Capable thing? Slashdot keeps picking up the news stories — for example, here, here, here and here. They just keep on coming. I live in …

My Weekend with the iPod Hold’em App; or, In Search of Lost Time

Last week I came into possession of Apple’s Texas Hold’em app for the iPod, a rare first-party title for Apple. (Seriously, who actually works for Apple in internal game development?) I already know I have serious problems controlling my appetite for both a) gaming and b) gambling, so maybe I should have treated this new acquisition more …

Two New iPods: A Few Tasting Notes

Tasting notes are what they give you while you’re drinking fancy wines and acting like you can tell them apart. I actually do this quite a bit, because I enjoy it and because I like pretending I’m the fat guy in Sideways.

I’m currently in possession of the two new iPods, the new Nano and the new Touch. Here are a few tasting notes. …

Mac OS X: Leopard Is My King-Size Bed

I have Leopard. Have had for a few days now. But I also have a colossal deadline hanging over me, in the form of Time‘s Best Inventions issue. So I’ll plan on running another in my “The Last Review” series next week. Meantime I’ll perform the most important service a blogger can serve: linking to the roundups of the reviews. Apple 2.0

Is Steve Jobs Going Soft?

I couldn’t quite muster the energy to be upset, or even surprised, when Apple released a software update earlier this fall that crushed iPhones which users had modified in unauthorized ways. I mean, I feel bad for anybody whose phone got bricked, but honestly: what did they think was going to happen? Apple is very very cautious about …

Can Anybody Take Down Microsoft Office? Probably, Yeah

I spent my high school years composing bad short stories in PFS Write. The first two years of college were lost to a monstrous Smith Corona typewriter/word processor hybrid. I finally got a Mac Classic in my junior year, and since then I have never been tempted to stray from the happy prison of Microsoft Word. I think of it as one of the …

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