Introducing…The Grandma Phone

It’s hard to imagine a cell phone these days that isn’t equipped with a camera, a web browser and assorted other bells and whistles. But Just5, a “simple features phone,” takes a counter-intuitive approach. It just lets you make calls. That’s it. Nothing else. Nada. Zippo. Think of it as the anti-iPhone.

Or, actually, think of it as …

T-Mobile’s 4G Sidekick Is Poised for a Spring Comeback

Last year, T-Mobile axed the Sidekick. But never fear, the phone is coming back, in better and badder shape than ever.

It seems like our report in January was spot on: we mentioned the Sidekick was coming back, that it would be 4G, and that it would also launch in the first half of the year. By golly, it’s all of those things and …

It’s Official: The iPhone 4 Comes To Verizon In Early February

After years of speculation, Verizon announced it will carry the iPhone during a special press conference in New York City. In early February, the company will offer the the iPhone 4 to its customers. It will run on Verizon’s 3G network, despite the company’s recent extensive marketing campaign for its 4G LTE network.

“If the press …

Acer Outs New Tablets, 4.8-inch Phone, Dual Screen Laptop

It’s official. Acer’s getting into the tablet game. That’s a good thing for consumers because Acer is one of the most aggressive companies out there when it comes to pricing, so it may be able to drive the costs of tablets down in general. We won’t see anything until next year, but here’s what’s coming.

For starters, the company plans …

Exclusive Snippet: MAD Magazine #504

Techland favorite Peter Bagge has a satirical piece on cell phones in the upcoming issue of MAD Magazine and we have the exclusive preview. Issue #504 of the now bi-monthly humor magazine has artist Peter Bagge and writer Barry Liebmann giving us 12 reasons to hate our cell phones. They’re all pretty spot on. Pick up the new issue when …

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