TechFast: CES 2011, Microsoft TV, AMD and Intel Stoke Rivalry

Good morning! Here are some of today’s top tech stories. We’ll cover a few of these throughout the day but feel free to get a head start.

What to Expect from This Week’s Consumer Electronics Show


You’ll be seeing plenty of CES news this week. Here’s a preview of what to expect and how to separate the wheat from the

New Year’s Resolution: A Savvier Facebook Profile

With Facebook’s ever-evolving profile, sometimes it seems simpler to leave your profile information untouched than update it, even if your fondness for The Amazing Race has seriously dwindled over the last few years. Still, your online identity could be in serious need of some readjustments.

As Facebook profiles are now considered a …

Sony Stealth-tests Added Extras To iTunes Movie Sales

Here’s a good reason to buy The Other Guys on iTunes: You’ll be taking part in a secret experiment.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is using the Will Ferrell movie to test whether adding additional extras unavailable on DVD or Blu-Ray versions of the release will increase sales through iTunes as part of a trial to see whether …

AT&T Commercials From 1993 Eerily Comes True

Happy New Year! While most of you are making resolutions and predicting what’s going to happen, Buzzfeed has uncovered this gem from 1993 about the future of technology according to AT&T. See if any of these “ideas” have become reality. The company said, “You will.” And, we did.

We’re borrowing books from thousands of miles away with …

Does Disney Need To Turn Their 2D Classics Into 3D?

One thing that makes Disney movies stand out from other animation features is that their universal story and plot can appeal to any one in any decade. Every child can imagine wanting to be the hero that saves the day, and ever adult can remember back to a time when they believe the world was magical. So, is it really necessary that the …

Ten Video Games for Fighting Holiday Flab

The holidays are over. They’re over. Let ’em go. We all overindulged, we all said we wouldn’t, and now we’re all resolving to get back in shape. Short of running outside in the freezing cold or taking out a second mortgage to cover a gym membership, here are 10 video games to help trim that waistline.

Carl Barks’ Ducks Come to Fantagraphics

It’s not even an entire workday into 2011, and we’ve already gotten an excellent piece of comics news: Fantagraphics has just announced that they’ll be publishing the complete comics of Carl Barks, in something around 30 hardcover volumes, over the next 15 years. (There’s an extensive interview about it with Fantagraphics publisher Gary …

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